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Our Extraction Process

Our Promise

Medical Maine in South China, ME is dedicated to providing our customers and caregivers with the purest cannabis extract products possible. We are devoted to more natural pain management options. We process the plant material using ethanol extraction technology to provide you with a cleaner cannabis extract product.

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What is Ethanol:

  • Ethanol is an alcohol solvent.
  • Ethanol is polar solvent so it will mix with water and dissolve the water-soluble molecules. Then materials can be collected and further processed to the end product.
  • Ethanol used in the extraction process involves the solvent (ethanol) washing through plant material, which dissolves the active compounds of the plant.

Why Ethanol:

  • Ethanol extraction has become the most efficient method for the cannabis extraction process.
  • Ethanol extraction for cannabis provides a cleaner, purer end product.
  • Ethanol extraction is a safe, commonly used extraction process among cannabis, pharmaceuticals and in the food industry.
  • Ethanol extraction a wonderful tool for helping create full spectrum cannabis extracts and tinctures.
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What Can We Do For You

  • Trust our professional extraction process and have us process your cannabis plant material for you, resulting in a cleaner product for your customers!
  • Trust us to process your personal plant material and to provide you with a pure product for your personal use.
  • Access a variety of our ready made products to support a more natural option for your chronic pain and pain management.