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Nathan-Owner and Cannabis Caregiver in South China, ME

When Nathan was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis he started using medical cannabis for pain management support. He quickly came to realize the additional benefits medical cannabis held for the mental and emotional support piece of dealing with this disease. He knew how powerful medical cannabis could be for other patients needing assistance with not only multiple sclerosis and a variety of other conditions, but also chronic pain, pain management, and the emotional and mental strain of dealing with these conditions

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He understands the importance of affordability in medical cannabis products. Having a chronic disease himself means he knows the constant costs associated with chronic disease, chronic pain and pain management. This also means that Nathan knows that having access to high quality medical cannabis, that is also affordable, can make a difference in a patient’s ability to experience the amazing support medical cannabis provides.


Nathan believes that the absolute highest level of quality in medical cannabis will always provide the highest quality product, which in turn will always provide the best medicine and the best results possible for his patients. This highest quality promise is an important no excuse expectation he holds, and is why you can always trust Nathan on your journey to discovering what cannabis product might be right for you.


Nathan is always have to answer any questions via phone or in person at his shop. He is happy to guide you through the process of finding the right medical cannabis or CBD product for you. His belief in the need for a high quality product and medicine will make all the difference in your journey to discovering the benefits of cannabis.

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  • Trust our professional extraction process and have us process your cannabis plant material for you, resulting in a cleaner product for your customers!
  • Trust us to process your personal plant material and to provide you with a pure product for your personal use.
  • Access a variety of our ready made products to support a more natural option for your chronic pain and pain management.